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Siskiyou Transit and General Express provides service between various town and cities in Siskiyou County, including Yreka and Weed.

Bus Stops

A stop at Dunsmuir Ave. and Oak in Dunsmuir.  Picture by G. Araki.

A stop with a bench in Yreka.  Picture by G. Araki.

Artwork at the city hall in Weed (yes, Weed).  Picture by G. Araki.

A Stage info sign.  Picture by G. Araki.

Okay, their bus stop signs are rather plain.  Picture by G. Araki.

Close up of a sign in Weed.  Picture by G. Araki.

From the bus stop at Weed City Hall.  I wonder if the farmers in the area had too many problems with weeds in the fields.  Pictrues by G. Araki.

The Buses

Tracked down and captured in front of the Stage offices in Yreka by G. Araki.

Revised:  December 3, 2005

Stage bus boogying out on I 5.  Picture by G. Araki (who wasn't on I 5).

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